Japan Foundation 2020 Video Matsuri (Film Contest)

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Japan Foundation 2020 Video Matsuri (Film Contest)

Japan Foundation 2020 Video Matsuri (Film Contest)

Entries close on September 1, 2020

Combine your Japanese ability with your creativity and acting skills to make a 3 minute film.

This year’s signature item is a water bottle (すいとう). The special item is included each year as a bit of fun and should be planted or featured somewhere or somehow in the film. You may choose to use it subtly in the background, as a prop in the foreground or even as part of the story if you wish. You are encouraged to think of fun or clever ways to include a “chopsticks”!

Aside from the signature item and the use of Japanese language, there are no restrictions on style or theme. You can produce a comedy, a drama, a documentary; you can animate it, you can claymation it – the sky’s the limit!

For contest rules and more information, visit: https://jpf.org.au/language/for-learners/contests/video-matsuri/