Year 12 Japanese Kaiwa Day 2019

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Year 12 Japanese Kaiwa Day 2019

To assist the Year 12 students with their preparation for Semester Two and WACE practical exams, JLTAWA will be running a Kaiwa Day at Willeton Senior High School, Willeton, on Saturday 7 September from 1.00pm – 4.20pm

The aim of the day is to provide Year 12 ATAR students with the opportunity to practice their conversation skills; obtain WACE practical exam hints and clarify procedures with experienced examiners. Teachers who are not teachers of Year 12 are still welcome to join us on the day as part of their Professional Development, to gain an insight into WACE examination procedures.

The students will be divided into groups of approximately six, according to their speaking ability and teachers are asked to rank theirstudents with their expected practical grade on the form below.  In order to make the most similar level groups, please include + or – to the student’s speaking grade.

For your students to be permitted to attend, you must send at least one Japanese teacher from your school. If you have an assistant or practicum teacher who would also like to assist on the day, their help would be greatly appreciated.

The cost of the Kaiwa day is $10 per student, to be paid on the day. It is the teacher’s responsibility to arrange the collection of money beforehand as students who register and do not show on the day are still required to pay. Afternoon tea will be provided for all those who attend.

Please note that Kaiwa Day is only open to students of teachers who are current JLTAWA members. To become a JLTAWA member, please complete this registration form: http://mltawa.asn.au/about/join/membership-form/

Please complete the information form below and return it ELECTRONICALLY. We hope the day will be rewarding for both you and your students and look forward to seeing you there!


Registrations must be received by Friday, 30thAugust 2019.