Kakigori Machine for Hire (FREE)

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Kakigori Machine for Hire (FREE)

Want to take your next Japanese school event to the next level? JLTAWA Members can hire a kakigori machine for FREE. We have two machines available for hire.

Booking instructions:

  1. Click on link provided (https://teamup.com/kssw5edbkn3m3ooamr)
  2. Click on a date and a new window pops up
  3. Enter the event title as Teacher name and school name
  4. Enter FROM and TO date/s and click “ALL DAY”.
  5. Click in Calendar to select a machine (or both). Be sure to check that the machines are available on your selected day.
  6. Once you have booked online, email Rosanne Jacobs (rosanne.jacobs@mdc.wa.edu.au) to organise pickup times and locations.

Additional equipment you will need:

  • ice – bags from local petrol station, usually 3 for $10
  • cordial / syrup
  • cups
  • straws
  • extra large bowls to catch & serve ice faster when making for larger groups
  • gloves (OHS – serving food,  your canteen may lend you a few pairs)
A limited supply of straws with spoon ends are available from JLTAWA $5 for 250/pkt. Please request these at the time of booking the machines.
Instructions for use:
1. Add ice to top of machine
2. Push down the plunger
3. Catch shaved ice below
4. Scoop into cups, add syrup and serve.